Corrie Leushuis, ©Vrolijk Schilderij


In times of crisis and gloom, art is often a valuable source of comfort and hope. The beautiful story of Vrolijk Schilderij - (Happy Painting) began in 2010, amidst the global economic crisis. Inspired by the desire to bring joy and positivity into people's lives, Corrie Leushuis, decided to start painting.

With a purpose in mind, she used bright colors and vibrant brushstrokes, quickly evoking a festive feeling in her art. The reactions were overwhelmingly positive! People felt encouraged and uplifted by the exuberant colors and the message of optimism conveyed in the paintings.

The cheerfulness emanating from the artworks served as a powerful reminder that even amid difficult times, there is always room for joy and happiness. Corrie Leushuis invites us to dig deep, even in the darkest days, and embrace the beauty of life.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of cheer to your home, office, or any other environment, the paintings of Corrie Leushuis, ©Vrolijk Schilderij are the perfect choice. They not only serve as decorative artworks but also as true eye-catchers that brighten up any space.

Experience the infectious joy of these artworks and let the colorful creations bring a burst of happiness and a touch of magic into your surroundings. By:  Corrie Leushuis, ©Vrolijk Schilderij invites you to consider each day as a celebration of beauty, even amidst a world full of stress and uncertainty. It reminds us to view life through a different lens, appreciate the small moments of happiness, and face each day with a smile.