Sydney artist Sarina spent her childhood on the New South Wales Central Coast of Australia where she acquired not only a love for the sea, but also the creativity that infuses her art. After studying at the Sydney College of the Arts, where she studied fine art, textile and graphic design, Sarina began her career as a freelance designer producing everything from corporate identity packages to sports and surf wear. Following several successful exhibitions, demand for her paintings soon became so overwhelming that she decided to concentrate her efforts on that facet of her artwork.

Sarina’s unique style of painting in mixed media reflects her moods & inspiration….textured, aged & patterned still life, sea scapes and coastal views on canvas and paper which may involve layering materials like watercolor, acrylic, oils, inks, plaster, sand & gold leaf, sewing & stitching in nails, ropes, beads and shells before finishing with glazes or resin to simulate the luminosity of water. This results in exotic three dimensional artworks that are truly one of a kind. Her paintings inspire and create a sense of happiness, peace & tranquility every time they are seen.

Sarina’s work combines ideas from her travels and her love of the ocean. She has the unique ability to transcend creative boundaries of artistic media.