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Simona Candini

Simona Candini

Artist Simona Candini is graduated at the Academy Of Fine Arts University of Bologna and she is currently based in Italy.

Her works, showcased in galleries around the globe, embody a beautiful yet sometimes dark world inhabited by big eyed girls and improbable creatures. With a stirring of emotions translated onto each new work of art, Simona brings her love of the old fairytales and childhood imaginings to us in a unique and poetic way. She is a traditional artist and enjoys using oils, watercolor, acrylics, graphite and pencils on paper, canvas and wood boards. Simona hand paints and personalize most frames to match her artworks and to make them unique as her art.


website: http://SimonaCandini.comEtsy Shop: Page:


Instagram: @simonacandini
tiktok: @simonacandiniart


Hannah Lipskey

 Hannah is a digital artist who primarily uses the AI generator Mid Journey in combination with digital painting in Procreate. Her first career love was teaching philosophy to college students before chronic illness took her down a new path. She comes to her art with a spirit of curiosity and creativity, and she loves exploring a wide range of artistic styles and experimenting with new artistic tools. Hannah lives in Chicago with her wife Claire, their cat Layla, and their golden retriever Riley.



Finira studied at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany, majoring in art. She focused on photography and drawing. Increasing digitalization and the development of artificial intelligence have given her new tools that she uses in her artistic process. Exploring new art forms and combining them with tradition fascinates her and drives her creative work.



Jasmine’s images appear in many books and magazines as well as countless merchandising lines such as the Bradford Exchange and Hamilton Collection, and her artwork with the Walt Disney Company, LucasFilm and more. Her paintings have a very wide appeal, appearing in public and private collections throughout the world, and she maintains an ever-growing legion of fans from all walks of life with her “Strangeling” brand.

Jasmine was born in 1979 and began showing her work professionally in 1997. She is a full-time painter and lives between her studios in Celebration, Florida, and Long Beach, California. Her primary galleries are the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles and Disney’s WonderGround & Pop Galleries at Disneyland and Disney World.

Howdy, I’m Jasmine! I am the creator of the Strangeling brand, the painter of all the paintings, and the artist behind the Strangeling Public Domain project.

I have decided to gift the bulk of my extensive back catalogue of images to the public. In this initial phase of the project I am facilitating the process by including 625 high resolution scans of my original acrylic paintings spanning from 1999-2021 as free downloads on this website.



I am an artist from Arvada, Colorado and I work in a variety of mediums.  When I first started painting as a teenager, I used traditional oils and my paintings were mostly landscapes.  Through the years, I have branched out to other mediums such as water-mixable oils, acrylics, and alcohol inks.  My artwork focus over the past year has been fluid and evolving with more of an emphasis on abstract work.  I have also been creating digital art with animal and nature themes.

I like my art to speak with colors and textures.  I use bright, but harmonious and thoughtful color combinations in my artwork.  I want my art to be powerful, uplifting and beautiful to view and I believe art should be an enjoyable experience.



Once in a lifetime an Artist appears and amasses a body of work that captures the perfection of creation and the truth of beauty that resides in every rock, cloud and ray of light. William Carr’s artistic vantage displays an understated complexity within his visual composition.  Each image commands attention with vivid secret views into places exotic and foreign. An innovative approach to the visual language of photography.

William Carr travels like a native through distant lands, understanding the eloquence and subtlety of different cultures and their relationship with the planet. “My greatest hope is to nourish a ‘World Focus” on the preservation and conservation of this miraculous planet we call home”. Completely self-taught, William is one of the most collected photographers in the world, with over 35 million images sold worldwide.



Sydney artist Sarina spent her childhood on the New South Wales Central Coast of Australia where she acquired not only a love for the sea, but also the creativity that infuses her art. After studying at the Sydney College of the Arts, where she studied fine art, textile and graphic design, Sarina began her career as a freelance designer producing everything from corporate identity packages to sports and surf wear. Following several successful exhibitions, demand for her paintings soon became so overwhelming that she decided to concentrate her efforts on that facet of her artwork.

Sarina’s unique style of painting in mixed media reflects her moods & inspiration….textured, aged & patterned still life, sea scapes and coastal views on canvas and paper which may involve layering materials like watercolor, acrylic, oils, inks, plaster, sand & gold leaf, sewing & stitching in nails, ropes, beads and shells before finishing with glazes or resin to simulate the luminosity of water. This results in exotic three dimensional artworks that are truly one of a kind. Her paintings inspire and create a sense of happiness, peace & tranquility every time they are seen.

Sarina’s work combines ideas from her travels and her love of the ocean. She has the unique ability to transcend creative boundaries of artistic media.



Scott Westmoreland received a degree in art from Cal State, Fullerton in 1991. He then spent the first decade of his career as a designer and illustrator in the entertainment industry. Scott served as an artist for original posters, programs, brochures and multi-use images for major theatrical productions nation-wide, including tours and the Broadway stage. He served as a comprehensive artist for the motion picture industry and it's advertisers, as well as a regular contractor for the Walt Disney Company and MCA Universal.

In 1996, Scott was asked to become a full-time Staff artist at Disney, where he created numerous marketing, merchandising and collector edition pieces, as well as countless conceptual and developmental campaigns for Michael Eisner.

Scott rejoined the freelance world in 2001 where he has concentrated his efforts in the fine art arena. Scott’s images have been licensed on many products over the years including calendars, puzzles, wall murals, clocks, 3-D sculptures, coasters, wallpaper borders, clothing and much more. His surf, Woodie car, tropical and surf board series have made him a recognizable name on the national art scene.



Carolyn Steele lives and works in the Virgin Islands, where she paints watercolours of indigenous flora and fauna.  Inspired by the colour, diversity and beauty of the region, her richly-textured images contain composites of things a nature-lover might see on a morning's walk or an afternoon's snorkel.  Carolyn is committed to wildlife education and conservation, and hopes her artwork will enlighten as well as decorate.  She sees her paintings as love-letters to the tropics - a celebration of the colourful and exotic Caribbean islands.



A digital artist for the past 15 years and a traditional artist for the 25 years previous to that (paint and brush on an easel), David Maclean currently lives among the vineyards and orchards. David has quickly become one of the most requested artists over the past year. His artwork can now be found all over the world. 



Dominic Davison lives in Buckinghamshire, UK where he gets his inspiration for his idyllic and romantic scenes.  He has been creating art for many years and in this time built up a loyal fan base, which now spans worldwide.  He worked as a freelance artist, perfecting the art of mixing traditional and digital creation. The '3D' aspect of his artwork refers to specific objects, mainly the models of houses or buildings being able to be placed and situated in a real-world environment, as opposed to being painted on a flat 2d surface.  
Dominic has had his work published in many magazines such as '3D Artist', and 'Advanced Photoshop' and his imagery is found on a whole range of merchandise.  



Hannah Lynn is a self-taught American artist, working out of her home studio in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She has been selling her artwork online, at events, and through licensed products since 2006. 
She grew up in Northern California, where she first discovered her love of art. Like many artists, she has been obsessed with drawing and coloring for as long as she can remember! Her first paid freelance job was when she was just 11 years old (providing a colored pencil drawing of an American Bald Eagle for her science teacher’s son as a birthday gift). When she wasn’t at school, doing homework, or doing chores, she was drawing, writing, reading, or making something. She earned her Associates Degree in Business in 2007. 



Jan Patrik Krasny was born in the Czech Republic in 1955. He graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. 

Since his childhood Jan Patrik was attracted to comics, so after graduating he managed to secure regular work which he had published in several magazines and newspapers. 

Over the past two decades he has created more than 400 pieces of cover art for various international publishers of sci-fi & fantasy books. 

Having mastered the techniques of computer graphics, Jan Patrik has partially laid down his oil paints and used these new talents to create even more fantastic art. 



Romanian based Zorina Baldescu has been an illustrator for a number of years, creating wonderful illustrations for children’s books, which she still produces today. Zorina has created a series of delightful images of fairy tales including Cinderella, princesses, fairies, unicorns, and much more.



Ciro Marchetti has had a successful graphic design career that has spanned working in Europe, South America and the US. Parallel to his corporate design, he is also a renowned digital artist. The current content and style of recent illustrations directly reflects his sources of interest and inspiration. From early student days when he first came across the delicate pen and ink work of Arthur Rackham, to the discovery in later years of the beautifulcharacters of James Christenson, and surrealistic dream images of Michael Parkes. These combined with a personal collection of old mechanical instruments and artifacts such as compasses, theodolytes, sextants and kaleidoscopes provide the inspiration for creating richly detailed images that conjure up retro-techworlds of fantasy and imagination.






Steve graduated from St Martins School of Art in 1980 having won the student of the year award for his illustration work.

Having worked in publishing and advertising with many book cover commissions for authors such as Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Piers Anthony, John Le Carré, James Herbert his work has become very collectable

He works in a wide range of media including airbrush, black & white, watercolour, acrylic, oil and for the last 10 years digital too.


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