*High End Short Lint Custom Canvas / Poured Adhesive / Clear Symbols / Full Drill Kit

100% Premium Acrylic 5D Diamonds, 3-5 Aurora Borealis (AB) in every kit, Crystal and Special Shape drills  in select kits.

1 x Diamond applicator with 3, 4 & 10 paste head + Grip

1 x Plastic drill sorting plate

1 - 3 x 3 pink glue clay

1 - Quality tweezer

Inventory Sheet- Color Guide


*Our Short Lint Custom Diamond Painting Canvas is produced by a leading manufacturer in CHINA. Meticulously hand-charted by specialized designers and manufactured with the highest quality materials.


*This is an unfinished DIY Diamond Painting Kit, and you need to finish it and make it your own.

What is the difference between a round drill diamond painting and a square drill diamond painting? Drill is another word for Diamond.

A square drill diamond painting will be clearer than a round drill because the diamond gems are tighter.

All round drill diamond painting kits have areas around the gem that aren’t covered by any part of the gems.


*Our Maximum Luster 5D diamonds have more facets for the ultimate sparkle!

* Square drills are 2.5 mm and have 13 facets


*  Round drills are 2.8 mm and have 21 facets


The drills arrive in prepackaged bags, all labeled with the code number or symbol that identifies them within the canvas.